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15th April 2019

citywork Amsterdam Keynote Speakers

Dr Ionela Petrea, Senior International Health Programme Manager

Dr Ionela Petrea is a senior international health programme manager with over 18 years of experience, including national government, WHO and currently heading the international work at the Trimbos Institute, the Dutch Institute of Mental Health and Addiction. She is an expert in health systems and public health planning & management, with a focus on mental health, NCDs and chronic care.

Throughout her career she has contributed to and led initiatives implementing durable system-based changes in health care aimed improving the lives of those who are most vulnerable and creating opportunities for their empowerment. Her work encompassed policy development & implementation and technical expertise & research. At European level, Dr Petrea led the EU Compass for Mental Health and Wellbeing, and co-led the work on Prevention of Depression and Suicides and Mainstreaming of E-Mental Health within the EU Joint Action for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

At international level, she led various country-based internationally-funded implementation and research projects targeting healthcare reforms and dissemination of good practices, with particular emphasis on innovative approaches. Her background education is in psychology-sociology, she holds a MSc International Health from Copenhagen University and a PhD in Medicine and a Post-graduate Diploma Public Health & Policy from LHSTM.

Annemarie Steenbeek, Branding and Engagement Specialist

Annemarie Steenbeek is a senior employer branding and internal engagement specialist and has done projects for brands such as McDonald’s, FloraHolland (Dutch Flowerauction), Alliander and Yacht.

She currently does projects for McDonald’s and TechniekTalent (regarding research how to enlarge the number of youngsters choosing technical studies and careers).

She’s fascinated by what really triggers employees to choose for a company or avoid it and has experienced that data and thorough research can make the difference in improving hiring rates and keeping employees engaged.

Arne Van Damme, COO, Intuo

Arne is an HR Futurist, HR Tech COO and general HR Speaker. As a computer scientist I learned a lot about the digital & agile world.

Everyday, I try to apply those principles to HR. As COO of intuo I’ve helped 100+ companies make the transition towards more data-driven & agile HR.

I talk about how HR can transform itself, how good leadership works in the digital age and why companies should prioritise employee well-being.