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15th April 2019





Tim Martens - Head of Business Development, Intuo NL



Arne Van Damme - Intuo

The best employers attract top talent because of the career perspective they give. It becomes increasingly hard though for employers to promise exactly what career steps a new hire will be able to take in their company. A new career paradigm emerges.



Ionela Petrea - Head of Department, Trimbos Institute



Annemarie Steenbeek - Employer branding strategist at TechniekTalent/ Platform Talent voor Techniek







A, Being a CHRO in 2030
There are 4 trends that are threatening the relevance HR has today. I've labled them: "The API and the way it's dividing our workforce", "The end of determinism", "The battle for your employee's time" and "The rise of psychology gurus and entrepreneurship porn". We'll look at what they entail and how we can overcome them. In doing so, we'll find out what the future CHRO responsibilities will look like. Either HR is going to become a vital source of competitive advantage, or HR will be made obsolete. Which it is, is up to you.

B, Workplace design solutions HR or Facility perspective?
Increasing employee satisfaction and productivity by matching furnishing solutions to HR objectives and aligning employee expectations, employee behaviour and product solutions to stimulate natural behaviour.

C, Workshop: Purpose into action
Purpose is where your core business creates positive societal impact. Research has shown that empowering employees to fulfil their personal purpose helps you to attract and retain talent, boost sustainable employability and lower the cost of disengagement. But how do you connect corporate purpose to your employee value proposition? In this workshop GoodUp will inspire you with do good cases on purpose employee engagement. Together with your peers you’ll discuss a purpose engagement action plan for your organisation.



A, Corporate Health Insurance in the 21st Century: the Digitalisation of Employee Health and Wellbeing
The health insurance world is changing. Customer and client expectations for both quality care and affordability is driving insurers to focus on the whole healthcare journey and not just point of care funding. No longer a commodity product, appropriately structured healthcare coverage is increasingly a competitive advantage for employers.

Dr Peter Mills will explore this evolution and the impact of digital tools on improving employee health and wellbeing.

B, Culture eats strategy for breakfast; we just need to start having breakfast…
Every organization has a culture, so why not use it for the best and make it distinctive? Research has shown numerous times that companies who actively developed their culture return significantly higher revenue. It’s simple, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!”. So, why are so many organizations skipping breakfast… Aaim has a distinctive vision on organizational culture and how to realize change for the better. We believe culture is not a button you can push. A shiny new set of values will not start a change. We use (and measure) values and behaviors that are actually present within the organization. Aaim will discuss the Do’s and Dont’s regarding organizational culture and change. How do you get an energetic focused and proactive workforce? How do you create change that lasts instead of falling back in old behavioral patterns? And how can you use your organizational culture as a distinctive strategic competence?

C, MovieLearning to boost Leadership Development
(Leadership) development sprouts from personal growth. Personal growth starts with a desire to become the best version of yourself. Becoming more aware and working to become the best version of yourself is always in the company interest. Role models shape your belief of what is possible. They expand your view on who you could be. As good role models aren’t always present or visible for everybody, role models in films are a powerful alternative. During this workshop we will show you how movies have a direct impact on our thoughts, our behaviours and our actions. How it is possible we recall a movie clip or quote with so little effort for decades. And how this knowledge can boost leadership development in your organisation in an inspiring and motivating way.

D, Healthy, sustainable habits - helping you reach the ultimate employee wellness goal
Wellness programmes tend to remind employees of the high rewards associated with healthy habits such as regular exercise, good sleep, nutritious food and stress-management. They also warn of the serious risks of failing to take action. But how many programmes really stimulate a shift in employee behaviour? How many leave you frustrated by lack of impact and limited return on investment? This interactive workshop dives into the psychology of behavioural change and how an understanding of this can bring more sustainable healthy benefits to your company's wellbeing offering.





A, Flexible Working – Fit for the Future
Many organisations start or have already started with flexible working. This often means new resources, renewed agreements about cooperation, sharing knowledge, communication and a new mindset. We regularly see that employees and managers find it difficult to apply new recourses and methods effectively in to their daily work. A successful implementation of flexible working starts with a clear vision.

Brenda and Tom from work21 are experts in guiding organisations into flexible working. During this workshop we will determine together how teams within your organisation can work successfully together in a flexible environment. Brenda and Tom will take you in 40 minutes through the opportunities and challenges of flexible working.

B, Why Employee Wellbeing Support Programs Matter
Employee wellbeing support programs grew out of the US over 50 years ago and have gradually expanded to many countries and cultures around the world. We are now finally seeing a steady growth in these in local and international companies across many European countries. In this session we will explore their relevance to the realities of modern day corporate life from both a provider and a corporate client perspective and share research data on the impact and ROI of such programs.

C, Performance reviews and personal growth
To have an annual performance review is old fashioned. Employees of the newer generations want to work on their development continuously. Feedback from peers and clients turns out to be a key factor in their personal growth. That’s why we help companies in the shift from annual performance reviews to an ongoing learning process of continuous feedback and reflection.



A, Emotional Intelligence: Coaching with Smart Sock© + Flower app©
Emotions and physical responses -heartbeat or sweating- are like Siamese twins. Our Smart Sock© plus Flower app© allow us to measure those responses. And to recognize emerging emotion instantly. This accelerates profound personal insight and helps you to strengthen your EQ. Individual, Team & Executive Coaching become more effective. Visit our workshop: you will get an explanation plus demonstration. First time in Europe!

B, Attracting talent through employee benefits
These days it gets more and more difficult to attract and retain talented staff. Not only in semi-public branches such as health care and education it is a great challenge to find new employees. Also for example for technical, commercial and hospitality jobs skilled candidates are scarce. How can your company be creative in offering employment conditions and employee benefits that do attract talents? Especially if a Collective Labour Agreement seems to limit your opportunities. And how can your organisation retain its team members by being a Good Employer? This workshop provides you with the tips & tricks your company needs in today’s challenging labour market.

C, The future of work is now! Just use it your advantage and go remote
Even though work activities have changed drastically over the last decades, the way we organise work today is fairly similar to the 1980’s. We still work in offices, have managers tell us what to do and offer employees the (false!) security of permanent employment contracts. And in a tight labour market the primary response of most companies is not to look for new ways of organising work and jobs, but to advertise more. Developments in society, technology and individual needs offer many opportunities for companies to be more attractive and inspiring places to work. How about going remote for example – by offering people more autonomy and flexibility to get their work done. In this workshop Moneypenny invites you to take a look in the mirror and to start thinking about new ways of working and collaborating in your organisation





A, Financially fit employees; what can you do!!
Nibud has calculated that nearly 2/3 of the employers in the Netherlands are dealing with personnel with financial problems. Nibud indicates that the costs for you as an employer will approximately be € 13,000 per employee per year. In our workshop we would like to show you the possibilities of adequately recognising these financial problems and solving them, so that you can offer perspective to employees with financial problems. We welcome you!

B, Dealing with stress and burn-out. A method based on physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing
Dealing with stress is a much discussed topic nowadays. BoFit has developed a method to deal with stress and burn-out so people can live and work in a healthy and pleasant way. The BoFit-method is a combination of (physical) exercise and coaching aimed at restoring the physical, emotional and cognitive balance. We believe in the benefits of being outdoors. So all sessions are in nature. During this workshop we interactively demonstrate how we work.

C, Bridging the gap between personal and professional challenges of the 21st century and the importance of developing new human-skills
The global impact of human development on the ecosystem is shameful; deforestation, pollution, extinction of species. We use the planet’s resources to a far greater extent than it can regenerate. Our earth has limits. And so do we! In this workshop you will receive insights in the top three personal and professional challenges of the 21st century and why developing new human-skills will give your employees and organisation a vitality boost in working and leading effectively.